Civilization Engineering – Part 1

  1. Background 
  2. "History repeats itself" is the excuse nations have used to justify the seemingly endless cycles of war and peace. Engineers must study the past and change in order to create a new product that is better or less expensive than the one they plan to replace. This same engineering thought process must be the basis for the proposed revolution of civilization engineering; to replace what continually fails in humanity’s quest for everlasting peace without war.

  3. Current World (Dis) Order
  4. U.S. national corporations, that formerly utilized U.S. citizens to both produce and buy their products, have become multinational corporations that exploit low cost labor in third world nations in order to maintain a profitable bottom line for their worldwide shareholders. These multinational corporations are whores without conscience who are accountable only to their shareholders and have no responsibility for the safety of their products to their users.

    The basic problem is the capitalistic economic system based on the same greed, lack of accountability and responsibility that characterizes the multinational corporations. In fact, these same large corporate dynasties purchase the services of politicians through their large political contributions. The politicians in turn insure that laws will be passed that favors the corporations rather than their citizens

    Voices of Safety International (VOSI) has exposed the lie of the term "democracy" by defining a new word "DEMOCKERY", www.voicesofsafety.com …."About VOSI" ("not so famous quotations") by VOSI’s Chairman (dcmeserlian@voicesofsafety.com ),

    DEMOCKERY accurately defines what a democracy really is: special interest groups rather than people controlling the destiny of nations and their citizens.

  5. Creating Order from Disorder
  6. All engineering problems are solved by first defining the problem. This same method must be used in civilization engineering. Since the basic problem is the irresponsible, greed based capitalistic economic system and the nations whose governments are based on capitalism, this present system must be examined as to its effects on the finite natural resources of planet earth. An examination of the United States capitalistic system can be summed up very simply. Corporations and their control of all aspects of U.S. political life are only interested in U.S. citizens as the consumers of their many useless and dangerous products. The once free media is now a corporate controlled entity that insures that their advertiser’s products will be shown in the most favorable light possible. This is why pharmaceutical ads show fluttering moths and butterflies, smiling people and happy children before they announce the bad possible side effects of their drugs.

    Adults and children are continually bombarded to Buy! …Buy!…Buy! as this once great nation goes by-by into oblivion. Don’t ask "Where does the material for this product come from? "or "Where does it go?" or "Do I really need this product?". These questions are unpatriotic in a capitalist controlled nation!

  7. The Solution:
  8. Write "Standards to Overthrow Demockeries". ……This is the only purpose for VOSI.

    See www.voicesofsafety.com …"Slip/Fall Standards", "Public Safety" "Public Health" and "Environment" to learn how our research based standards have the power to overthrow the present economic system and substitute HUMANISTIC Capitalism. A free enterprise system that requires both governments and corporations to be accountable and responsible for their actions at all times

    The oversight required to insure the success of this new paradigm requires the vigilance of citizens of all sovereign nations. The present U.S. congressional oversight committees should be renamed "overlook committees" since they never see a damn thing wrong with this government’s many abuses; especially its bloated overfed, overpaid military that uses chemtrails to poison the air of U.S. citizens and depleted uranium against not only sovereign nations but our own servicemen…. We stink!!!

    This has been the Achilles heel in America’s experiment in being a democratic republic instead of its present fascist state.. America’s citizens are as greedy and indifferent as their corporate controlled government.

  9. The FART Equation and its LEADERSHIT corollary

F – (A + R) = T F = Freedom, A = Accountability, R = Responsibility, T = Tyranny

"Freedom without Accountability and Responsibility equals Tyranny"

As an engineer I use formulas in my product engineering designs. …I believe the preceding equation is the main equation to use whenever applying the principles of civilization engineering to reversing our present headlong rush towards Armageddon.

The corollary to the FART equation is L LS L = Leadership LS = LeaderShit

"Leadership is not equal to LeaderShit!"

The world’s current LeaderShit must be replaced with truly capable leaders in order for Civilization Engineering to Succeed.

All readers of this proposal for beginning the use of civilization engineering as a replacement for the present military, corporate, government controlled worldwide tyrannies should contact dcmeserlian@voicesofsafety.com to give your opinions on this proposed method for a permanent solution to the world’s problems.

A major problem that will be addressed in my Part 3 letter is the exponentially exploding world population and its effect on earth’s limited natural resources and the capitalistic economic system that supports unlimited growth in both the number of citizens and their glutinous demands for more and more. See Civilization Part 2, "Domestic Terrorism . . .the Required Response to Tyranny" and "A Test of Domestic Terrorism" (www.voicesofsafety.com …."About VOSI"….last sentence "The Path to Peace"…"Civilization Engineering" Parts 1 & 2 and "A Test of Domestic Terrorism".

Hopefully, Civilization Engineering ,and its purpose of allowing logic and the search for truth to replace the present system of the powerful multinational capitalistic corporations controlling the lives of people through government tyrants, will enable people to overthrow tyranny whenever and wherever it exists and install a new economic system based on free enterprise: Humanistic Capitalism (www.voicesofsafety.com …"About VOSI"…"Standards to Overthrow Demockeries")

Donald C. Meserlian, P.E.


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