Civilization Engineering Part 2

"Domestic Terrorism"…. the Required Response to Tyranny

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  1. Background

Historically, the governments of sovereign nations have been overthrown by their citizens whenever their rulers have been tyrants that have usurped their government office to oppress those they are supposed to serve. The election of 11/7/06 in the U.S., wherein the oppressive Republicans (Repulsivecants!) were overthrown in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, demonstrates the legal power of rebellion by the voters.

The problem of all elections is the failure of citizens to participate in government after they have voted. This allows government to violate their need to be both accountable for their actions and responsible to those they are supposed to serve.

America was founded after the citizens of England, living in the colonies, revolted against the tyrannical British government. Revolutions bring out the best in both the rebelling citizens and their leaders. The quotations of these leaders should be reviewed at www.voicesofsafety.com …"About VOSI"…."Famous & Not so Famous Quotations" to learn how the warnings of a tyrannical government have become true today. America is no longer a democratic republic but has morphed into the military based fascist governed empire of Amerika ,a nation whose government will either change by the actions of its elected leaders or be forced to change by its citizens who will become "Domestic Terrorists" who will hopefully use non violent means to overthrow their oppressors.

No citizen should ever pledge allegiance to Amerika or Amerika’s Chief Village Idiot . See www.voicesofsafety.com …."About VOSI"…Click on the last sentence …"The Path to Peace" and read "Pogo News" to learn that although Amerika’s Chief Village Idiot has an IQ of 91, the lowest of any U.S. president, he has lied and covered-up the true cause of the collapse of the twin towers 9/11/01; pre-planted explosives. See the proof at www.voicesofsafety.com …."About VOSI"…click on the last sentence: "The Path to Peace" and "Pogo News" 9/11/01 articles.

  1. Domestic Terrorist

A "Domestic Terrorist" is defined in the unpatriotic, unconstitutional USA Patriot Act as "Any person who coerces and intimidates a public official".

Whenever a citizen requests action by a government representative, and that person refuses to communicate with or review any perceived complaint, then the citizen must both intimidate the official by repeated phone calls and coerce him until a fair and just response is obtained. This is why Domestic Terrorism must be used by citizens if they want to avoid tyranny.

Civilization Engineering Part 1 presented both the FART equation and its LeaderShit corollary. These formulae must be adhered to in order to prevent tyranny. "Freedom without Accountability and Responsibility equals Tyranny" (FART)

  1. A Test of Domestic Terrorism

I am a registered Professional Engineer in both NY and NJ I use my license to:

  1. Testify in court as an expert witness in slip/fall cases (www.voicesofsafety.com …"Slip/Fall Standards" and "SCOF Testing")
  2. Review, sign and seal swimming pool drawings to insure that the pool design meets the health and safety requirements of ANSI/NSPI and VOSI (Voices of Safety International) standards for swimming pools and spas.
  3. Provide "Site/Grading" plans for swimming pools wherein the existing topography must be measured to insure that surface water does not flow into the swimming pool whereby the health and safety of people may be compromised.
  4. Write letters to the Building, Zoning and Engineering departments of municipalities that require an engineer’s seal.

The NJ Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors, a division of the Department of Community Affairs, and its Deputy Attorney General (DAG) have issued a "Warrant: Voluntary Surrender of License in Lieu of Revocation", 10/19/06, based on two unjustified complaints against. me. One of the Complaints, by a Land Surveyor and former Board member, accused me of measuring the existing topography, required for my "Swimming Pool Site/Grading Plan", in Wayne NJ when in fact I was required by the Wayne engineer to hire a licensed land surveyor. The Board should have immediately dismissed this blatantly false accusation. Wayne is one of the three NJ towns that will not allow me to make the topographic measurements required for my engineering projects. I have prepared plans for more than 40 NJ towns and I am permitted to make these measurements by all other towns. The Board misinterpreted NJSA 45; 8-28(e) by stating land surveyors have sole responsibility of making both boundary surveys and the topographic measurements (surveys) required for my engineering projects. The correct interpretation permits professional engineers to make the topographic surveys required for their engineering projects.

A letter was sent to Stephen Nolan, Acting Director, Div. Of Consumer Affairs and Larry DeMarzo, Director of Consumer Relations on 10/23/06 that presented proof that both complaints were unjustified and requested an independent review of both the Board’s accusations and my rebuttal.

I left messages, daily, with the secretaries of both Mr. Nolan and Mr. DeMarzo asking that they speak with me about my requested independent review of this threat to my livelihood. They never responded.

November 8, 2006 I decided that the unlawful act of being a (non violent) domestic terrorist was justified based on violation of the FART equation and people in responsible positions practicing LeaderShit rather than Leadership.(See Civilization Engineering Part 1) I advised the secretaries of both Mr. Nolan and Mr. DeMarzo that I was a domestic terrorist and as such I will continue to intimidate and coerce both officials until they respond to my request. Within 1 hour I received a call from a NJ State Police officer questioning my terrorist activities. I advised him that my acts of rebellion are non-violent and as such they can’t do a damn thing about restraining my activities.

I also advised the officer that the Military Commissions Act (MCA) of 2006 specifies that U.S. citizens who are deemed "unlawful enemy combatants" are subject to being tried before a military tribunal (kangaroo court?), and sent to a foreign destination for torture in complete disregard of the Geneva Convention. This same rotten, unconstitutional law removed the right of Habeas Corpus. See VOSI "Pogo News 10/19/06 "Why (Y)MCA….Vote Democrat" See the 1758 tombstone and the caption: "Here lies George Bush and Habeas Corpus".

Based on my unlawful violation of both the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act and The Military Commissions Act, my belief that this nation is now Amerika and not America, my chairmanship of Voices of Safety International where "Standards to Overthrow Demockeries" can be viewed ,at no charge ,on the Internet and where anyone can be "armed with missiles of mass instruction" in order to distinguish between government lies and the truth I advised the NJ state police officer that I am proud to be a patriotic…. (American (not Amerikan) based on my defense of the U.S. Constitution)

Unamerikan, Armed Domestic Terrorist and Unlawful Enemy Combatant of every level of U.S. government. As "Pogo" once said (VOSI "Pogo News") "I have met the enemy and he is U S " (See Pogo News 9/11/016 for the truth about what really caused the WTC towers to collapse at www.voicesofsafety.com …"About VOSI" ("Standards to Overthrow Demockeries") click on last sentence: "The Path to Peace".."Civilization Engineering Parts 1 & 2"….."Pogo News"…read seven articles on 9/11/01.

I also contacted Joe Constance, NJ Small Business Ombudsman requesting that he defend my right to remain in business. Hopefully he will be both accountable and responsible for protecting my legal rights against the Board’s harassment and threats against me.

Assemblyman John McKeon had introduced two bills in the assembly to add a redundant (unnecessary) word to the existing engineering law in order to clarify my right to measure the existing topography for my engineering projects. I have contacted the assemblyman asking him to both review my defense and to meet with me. Hopefully my defense of domestic terrorism will not frighten him from this requested meeting.

A comparison of the actions taken by the attorney representing the N.Y Society of Professional Engineers (NYSPE) and the NJ State Board of Professional Engineers will further prove that the statement of the United States of America is another lie since the states do not have uniform interpretations of the same engineering law.

The town of Kent, NY planning Board, in its laws, states that only a licensed NY land surveyor has the right to measure the existing topography for my engineering projects.. The NYSPE attorney stated that the correct interpretation of the N.Y (and NJ) state law is that this sole right only pertains to boundary surveys and does not apply to the topographic surveys (measurements) required for engineering projects. In addition, no NY town or city can make a law that violates the state law.

Compare the action of NY with NJ where the NJ State Board of Professional Engineers misinterprets the same law as NY and threatens me with loss of my license to practice Professional Engineering and my livelihood based on a false complaint against me by a land surveyor who was a former Board member.

Fortunately, most of the municipal engineers, who can read beyond the fifth grade, realize the NJ Board is misinterpreting the law that allows me the right to make the measurements (surveys) of the existing topography required for my engineering projects.

IV. Conclusions
  1. The act of domestic terrorism is required whenever government representatives violate the FART equation and exercise LeaderShit (Civilization Engineering Part 1) rather than fair and impartial Leadership Government, and its government sponsored corporations, must be both accountable and responsible for any actions that threaten the health and safety of citizens and the environment with its finite natural resources that supports the life of all living plants and animals including stupid men and women.
  2. The citizens of sovereign nations have the responsibility to continuously monitor the actions of every level of government.
  3. Amerika is where it is today because citizens have not exercised their duty as citizens and have therefore allowed the uncontrolled growth of arrogance, indifference to what’s right, and corporate control of both the government and media of this once great nation that is presently on a fast track to oblivion unless drastic action in taken by its citizens to force government to stop lying and start telling the truth. (Listen to my radio interview at www.voicesofsafety.com …"Public Health" on vaccinations being the major cause of autism and my concluding statement: "Stop listening to government liars")
  4. I am demanding that I receive a fair and independent review of my case against the NJ State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors by persons who are not connected with either the Board or the Div. Of Consumer Affairs.
  5. I am asking the state attorney general to assign an attorney to review my challenge to the Board and the Board’s DAG.
  6. I am asking NJ Governor Jon Corzine to direct all agencies that they must respond to the requests of any citizen and they must return phone calls.
  7. I am asking the Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress to impeach "Amerika’s Chief Village Idiot" and his assistant in vice, Nancy Pelosi should place impeachment at " top of the table" and reverse her statement: "Impeachment is not on the table".
  8. I will never stop being a "domestic terrorist" until every level of U.S. government becomes responsive to the needs of its citizens and stops being controlled by the many special interest groups that pay for government services.
  9. Note the 11/11/06 date on this letter. The number 11 has been used by the Illuminati whenever they plan major changes in world affairs . Note the number formed by the twin towers of the WTC and the 9/11/01 date. See VOSI "Pogo News" for proof that 9/11/01 was a pre-planned operation that should be investigated by all police departments and the official government explanation is a cover-up of the truth.
  10. I am actively recruiting like-minded domestic terrorists to join POGO in order to Police Our Government Organizations (POGO) since government’s justice system has failed in this responsibility.
  11. Proof that the major cause of the current autism epidemic ,of approximately 1 in 150 school age children, is caused by our insane government mandated and media promoted vaccination policies can be reviewed at www.voicesofsafety.com …."Public Health". This is another example of our government’s corporate controlled actions that harm Amerika’s most vulnerable citizens; our innocent children.

Donald C. Meserlian, P.E.

Cc: Stephen Nolan
Larry DeMarzo
Joe Constance, Small Business Ombudsman
John McKeon. Assemblyman

NJ Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
NJ State Police
Joe Clark, N. Caldwell Chief of Police
Jon Corzine, NJ Governor
Stuart Rabner, N.J. Attorney General


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