POGO News 01/30/02

The Untold "State of the Union" message.

Yes Hilary, America is a village and the current chief "village idiot", and his "friends in high places", have endorsed the following idiotic decisions:

1. Ignore global warming, it either doesn't exist or my government scientists must study it further to insure it doesn't exist. The safety of vaccines will be "scientifically" studied using the same flawed protocols.

2. SUV's are the best family vehicle for Americans to use. Fuel economy ratings (the lower the better), required for passenger vehicles, aren't required on this family vehicle because it's classified as a truck. Let's see who can create the biggest monster vehicle with the lowest fuels rating.

3. Forget about mass transportation. Build more roads so that people can drive further and use more oil.

4. Air pollution, due to congested roads, isn't the cause of the increase in tuberculosis (TB). Editor's comment,  (with apologies to "Hamlet") :

"TB or not TB ?
That is congestion.
Consumption be done about it ?
 Of cough !! Of cough !!
But not for a lung, lung time !".

5. Oil should not be conserved since the more oil used keeps my high powered friends in the oil business, who made me chief of this demockery, very happy.

6. Let's destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to get a maximum 6 months supply of oil for domestic use of gasoline. (Ref. "Big Oil. Big Lies", The Wilderness Society, document # TW-N-4, see www.wilderness.org).

7. Those TV ads, showing gas-guzzling SUVs destroying the natural environment, are great for my oil business buddies.

8. To hell with conservation ! Let's spend, spend, spend & waste, waste, waste - it's great for the economy (So are wars!). Let's exploit our national forests, it's good for business.

9. Alternate energy sources are wonderful as long as they use oil.

10. "Black Hawk Down" - Black Oil Up (Proposed Oil Pipeline through Somalia & Afghanistan).

11. To hell with election finance reform I appreciate the $500,000 my Enron buddies gave me, as do the 71% of the U.S. Senate and many house members that also received Enron donations Its time for an end run from Enron! As long as the shredders keep working there won't be a shred of evidence left.

12. To hell with regulating basic industries, such as energy and transportation etc., which are required by people. My powerful buddies need to dominate their industries without competition.

13. Make war (against "Terrorism") not Love (for "Humanity")!