POGO News 2/18/02

American Association for the Advancement of Science Confirms 1/30/02 "Idiotic decisions"

1. "Scientists Find New Role as Defenders of Homeland"..."The Star Ledger" (Newark, NJ.) 2/16/02
2. 1/30/02 POGO NEWS

Peter Raven a botanist who heads the Missouri Botanical Society, made the following statements at the current meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: " and technology, by themselves, cannot defeat terrorism" (or the" Evildoers in the Evil Axis" (" idiotic statement 14")).

"There will be no global stability without stepped-up conservation, (idiotic statements 1 - 9), scaled down consumerism (idiotic statement 8) and a fairer distribution of the world's dwindling resources."

This can never happen until the rampant destruction of the environment, cultures and economies by the bastards who operate our multinational corporations are finally forced to be responsible world citizens and to practice the requirements of accountability and responsibility of HUMANISTIC CAPITALISM.

These multinational corporations are the real "Evildoers of the Evil Axis"! World terrorism will not cease until the greedy multinational corporations and their allies, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank are forced to practice humanistic capitalism.