POGO News 04/22/02

Pass the Buck for Campaign Reform ?

"Bush Signs Campaign Finance Reform"...The Star Ledger, Newark, N.J. 3/28/02 states: "President Bush grudgingly signed landmark legislation designed to limit the role of big money in political campaigns." He then stated: "I wouldn't have signed it if I was really unhappy with it. I think it improves the system."

"After signing the bill that will restrict political fund raising, Bush flew south on a trip that was expected to raise $2.6 million for Republican senate candidates in two states."

Idiotic statement 16 by America's Chief Village Idiot: "I'm not going to lay down my arms"

Pogo's comment: I guess the president's arm's include shooting off his mouth. I know he won't lay down his brains because he's got nothing to lay down.

This buffoon has the nerve to say that he's protecting the environment on Earth Day 4/22/02. See the 1/30/02 "Pogo News" for the proof that this fool is anti not pro environment.