POGO News 07/10/02

"Bird Bashes Bush"

Ref: "Byrd Challenges Bush's Ideas on War; West Virginia Senator Warns of Another Vietnam" by Paul Nyden, West Virginia Gazette, 6/28/02

"Senator Robert Byrd, D-W. Va. gave a major speech Friday, urging the Senate to play a central role in determining whether the nation will initiate military action military action against Iraq or any other nation.

Byrd criticized the Bush administration for "saber-rattling" and "an unwise (idiotic) and dangerous effort to keep the public and Congress largely in the dark".

"Shrouded in ambiguity and cloaked in secrecy (and stupidity), this administration continues to suddenly, and sometimes unexpectedly, drop its decisions upon the public and congress, and expect obedient approval, without question, without debate and without opposition."

"As we learned in all too well in Korea, Vietnam & Somalia, it is dangerous to present Congress and the American people with a fait accompli on important matters of foreign policy."

"As the Constitution demands, it is the role of Congress to declare war (not fools). When the president is ready is ready to present his case to Congress, I am ready to listen. But I am tired of trying to connect dots in the dark."

"I have not seen such executive arrogance and secrecy since the Nixon administration, and we all know what happened to that group."

"Selling weapons to a terrorist nation (axis of evil?!!!) in exchange for hostages, and using that money to finance an illegal war in Central America. What a great plan that was! I guess I can understand why the Reagan administration did not want to tell Congress about that foreign policy adventure."

"Military action against Iraq will be a serious undertaking....The American people deserve to hear why we may need to be an aggressor, risk the lives of their sons and daughters (and any weddings in Iraq!) or to take preemptive action against Iraq".

"This administration refuses to consult with anyone outside its own inner circle about what appears to be its plan for imminent hostilities. This administration convenes meetings of its trusted few in little underground rooms."

Pogo appreciates the fact that others also consider this president an arrogant capitalistic idiot.

The major question is whether Congress is up to the task of stopping this tyrant who is using the tragic evens of 9/11/01 as an excuse to take away the rights of American citizens and to promote war as a means for improving this sagging economy caused by the multinational corporations who are ruining independent nations and the earth's natural resources for their own selfish gains.

This is why capitalism must be overthrown and humanistic capitalism substituted.