Pogo News 02/06/03

"A Tale of Two Terrors"

"These are the best of times"!
"These are the worst of times"!
"These are the times that try men's souls"!

All of the above statements are true depending on which nation you live in and your economic status.
The twin terrors today are not confined within nations but are spread throughout the world....Al Kaida and the Multinational Corporations.
Both terrors are destroying the meaning of national sovereignty. Both terrors are destructive forces that must be stopped.
One only has to look at the labels of the many useless products American's buy in a nation whose economy is based on over consumption and hype.
The multinational corporations are based on the economic principles of capitalism . This insidious economic system must be overturned in favor of an economic system based on Humanistic capitalism if this planet is to survive. Humanistic capitalism will eliminate the need for Al Kaida's existence!
See www.voicesofsafety.com ...."About VOSI" to learn how this long needed revolution is being accomplished by writing standards that  benefit the health and safety of people and protect the environment.
The Internet and computer is the only democratic forum on earth. Forget about so called democracies...THEY'RE ALL DEMOCKERIES ! ! !
Pogo News is the personal opinions of VOSI's chairman, Donald Meserlian,P.E. and is separate from VOSI standards.
Although many of you may hate my personal beliefs I believe we can all agree that the VOSI standards for people is the only voice that you have to make beneficial changes to society.
I apologize if I have offended anyone by my Pogo News statements but I challenge anyone to state which Pogo News article is inaccurate!

Donald Meserlian, P.E. alias "Pogo".
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