Pogo News 02/17/03

"Stop Terrorism ---Duct Tape Bush's Mouth"

The current brainstorm of the Homeland Insecurity Dept. is to send out a false "Orange Alert" that terrorists are about to invade people's homes with biological weapons and to be prepared for 3 days of solitary confinement in a room sealed with plastic sheets and duct tape.

I assume they mean the bathroom otherwise we'll really have a shitty shituation!

After 3 days drinking bottled water we can all come out and go to our regular super market for supplies!

This shows that the genie-asses at Homeland Insecurity maintain the same level of intelligence as America's Chief Village Idiot.

Pogo has a simpler solution ...Put the duct tape over the mouths of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Tom Ridge. Also use it to tie up their hands.

This will automatically eliminate the phony terrorist threats and probably stop any real threat since they won't be able to shoot off their stupid lying mouths about the "weapons of mass destruction" in Saddam Hussein's arsenal and will prevent the chief village idiot from declaring war on Iraq!

Please do not make any loud noises...you may wake up the U.S. Congress.

Thank God France had the guts to tell America to GO TO HELL in the U.N. Security Council last week.

As to flying the American flag, I suggest flying it upside down since this denotes, according to my "Official Boy Scout Handbook", "a distress signal, to call for help".

Anyone who does not believe that America is in grave danger under this imbecile fascist dictator , doesn't know that the loss of personal freedom and a police state are being created in America.

Shhh! Don't wake up Congress!

Donald C. Meserlian, P.E. alias Pogo 
P.O.G.O. News 
VOSI Chairman & Revolutionary Septuagenarian