Pogo News 03/10/03

"UN To US: No War Based On Lies"

As Saddam continues destroying its missiles, that fly only 20 miles beyond the U.S. sanctioned 94 miles, Bush's puppet Colin Powell ,continues to utter unfounded lies concerning Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" An example is the following statement at the U.N. Security Council: 3/7/03: "Iraq is once again moving down the path to weapons of mass destruction... the U.N. inspectors' reports are still a catalog of non cooperation"...What bullshit!!! America wants war and will lie until it gets its way. We are a nation of spoiled brats!

Please click for the full story below on the "13 Myths (LIES) About the Case for War in Iraq", and read the proof for each of the following LIES:

  1. Removing Saddam will Punish 9/11 Perpetrators" ...Note 9/11 Saudi's 15 Iraqis 0. Wake up America!!! 

  2. Powell Presented Strong Evidence at UN. 

  3. Saddam May Soon Threaten US. 

  4. Experts "Discover" Prohibited Missile 

  5. Bin Laden Tape Proves Iraq Connection 

  6. Iraq Still Has Large Nuclear Program 

  7. If US Pulls Out Now, It Looks Bad 

  8. A Cheap, Easy War..... (30 Billion to bribe Turkey to let US use Turkey for War bases) Hey! A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon your talking about real money! The U.S. refuses to recognize the Turkish massacre of 8 million Armenians in 1915...what a DEMOCKERY! 

  9. Wartime Press is Free and Unbiased...(So is the Tooth Fairy!) 

  10. Goal is to Free Iraqis, Not to Grab Oil.....(He! Haw!) 

  11. War Solves the Energy Crises....Calling all SUV's!!! Start Revving up your engines, attach your American Flags, and haul ass down the roads of America to solve the energy crisis!!! 

  12. UN Commitments Don't Really Matter....No commitment means anything in a nation of LIARS.

  13.  Protesting a War is Unpatriotic....Aaron Burr is my Hero!

Anyone who wants to challenge any of the above lies, after reading the proof, contact dcmeserlian@voicesofsafety.com. Please do not quote Russ Limbaugh, Bob Grant or any other fools (tools?) of this lying government!


Come on Congress! Get off your ass and stop this insane bastard!

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Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., alias Pogo 
VOSI Chairman Voices of Safety International