Pogo News 5/26/04

"9/11 Omission Commission Report"

The official 9/11 Investigation Commission was supposed to produce a report on its findings 5/26/04."However, high profile obstructionism among key witnesses has frustrated the investigation and a report will not be released until 8/26/04." The preceding quotation and the following information on the key people on the commission are from "The Idaho Observer" (www.idaho-observer.com) 4/8/04 "Independent" 9/11 Investigation Mired in Omni-Partisan Politics"

"The commission's executive director, Philip Zelikow, worked on the Bush/Cheney transition team. He is a longtime associate of national (in) security advisor Condoleeza Rice, with whom he co-authored a book. He advised Rice on the incoming National (in) Security Council."

Commission Chairman, Thomas Kean, has business ties with the bin Mahfouz and Al Amoudi families of Saudi Arabia. Khalid bin Mahfouz's sister is married to Osama bin Laden and the bin Mahfouz family is suspected of funneling millions of dollars to al Queda. Kean is also co-chairman of the Homeland Security Project and helped draft the recommendations of the Century Foundation, which laid the foundation for the Office of Homeland Security Legislation.

The most pressing question raised by the commission so far is, "What circumstances could have prompted such a massive breach of airspace security to take place 9/11/01?" What is more significant are the questions the commission will never ask:

1. How did a 757 hit the Pentagon yet leave no debris or passengers?

2. How was WTC Building 7 "pulled down" with demolition charges on the afternoon of 9/11, while it was still on fire, as the owner Silverstein admitted, if the charges weren't previously set?

3. Where was NORAD for an hour and 15 minutes while critical airspace was being invaded?" In addition to the preceding questions from the Idaho Observer the following questions are added based on "9/11: The Great Illusion (End Game of the Illuminati, Our Choice: Fear or Love?)" by George Humphrey:

4. Why was there an increase of 1200% in trading activity of orders to "go short" on the stocks of American Airlines and "United Airlines", as reported by the Chicago Securities Exchange in the week before 9/11?

5. Based on the laws of gravity for a free falling object from the same height as the 1350-ft. WTC North and South towers the time for an object to strike the ground would be 9.1627 seconds. A free falling building would require greater time since the building would be falling onto itself rather than a free fall. The South and North Towers came down in 10.4 and 8.1 seconds respectively. The resistance to a free fall were the massive lower sections of the buildings that were stabilized by over 250 major interior and exterior steel columns and thousands of steel trusses. The only way the two towers could have fallen in less than the predicted time for a free fall is if explosive charges were set in the buildings before they fell. Modern explosives could cause the crystallization of the building materials, while creating a vacuum that could pull down the buildings at a faster than normal speed and leave a residue created by extremely high temperatures.

A previous edition of the Idaho Observer stated that a relative of George W. Bush was in charge of security for the WTC.

A copy of "9/11 The Great Illusion" was sent to Tom Kean for his comments. He has failed to respond to my many inquiries to him therefore further proving that the commission's report will be a cover-up with thousands of pages of information that will not address the preceding omissions.