Pogo News 12/2304

"Ukrainian Democracy vs. Amerikan Demockery!"

Ref. "The Star Ledger" (Newark, N.J., pg.7, 12/11/04

"Ukraine Candidate Demands Justice" by Danika Kirka (Associated Press) states:

"Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko pledged yesterday to prosecute crimes of the previous regime..."The election campaign between Yushchenko and Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych picked up pace yesterday. Tensions have ebbed after this week's parliamentary vote on reforms designed to stave off a repeat of the fraud that marred the Nov. 21 runoff (election of Yanukovych). There will be a rerun election on 12/26/04 based on the fraudulent 11/21/04 election.

Contrast the Ukrainian election with the fraudulent U.S. election of 11/2/04 where an Ohio county of 600 registered voters were able to produce approximately 4000 votes for George Bush! The Diebold electronic voting machines were a major factor in the Amerikan election. Amerka is not misspelled! America was replaced by Amerika when the use of presidential "Executive Orders" replaced the decisions of our congressional representatives and this nation became a fascist dictatorship ruled by an egomaniac bent on insuring this empire's place in the new world order currently being established by the effective control of all world governments by the multinational corporations through their exploitation of peoples in third world nations at the expense of America's once powerful industrial society. The products "made in China" that line the shelves at "Wal-Mart" stores are proof that this once powerful nation, like all other empires, is in decline.

Both George Bush and John Kerry are both members of the Yale secret society "Skull and Bones" whose skullduggery is to insure that the new world order, and its associated control by the multinational corporations, will move forward and this "Ameikan Demockery" will become more firmly established. This common fraternal bond is probably the reason why John Kerry has not protested the fraudulent Amerikan election as did Victor Yushchenko.

"U.S. Spent $65 M to foster Democracy" by Matt Kelly (Associated Press) states:

"The Bush administration has spent more than $65 million in the past two years to help political organizations in Ukraine, paying to bring opposition leader Victor Yushchenko to meet U.S. leaders and helping to underwrite exit polls indicating he won last month's disputed (fraudulent) runoff election."..."Yushchenko is friendlier toward Europe and the United States than his opponent, who has (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's support as well as backing from the current Ukrainian government of President Leonid Kuchma."

It is ironical that a nation devoid of democracy is allowed to spend millions to influence another nation's election!

Pogo needs 4 more beers in order to survive 4 more years under Amerika's Chief Village Idiot! Shhhh.... don't wake up Amerika's congress!

Donald C. Meserlian, PE 
Chairman Voices of Safety International (VOSI)