Pogo News 1/12/2005

"Natural vs. Man-Made Disasters"

Pogo News 01/12/2005: "Natural vs. Man-Made Disasters"

Natural Disaster

The 12/26/04 earthquake in the Indian Ocean that triggered the tsunami that has claimed approximately 150,000 lives in the nations bordering the Indian Ocean was caused by the failure of the governments in the area to utilize the same type of warning system used by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) which was established in Hawaii after a 1946 Alaska tsunami killed 173 people. (provide link to "Why There Was No Warning" Wall Street Journal 12/29/04). The PTWC issued a bulletin stating there was no danger to the pacific nations from the 12/26 quake but the message did not get to the Indian ocean countries in South and southeast Asia or Africa because the governments affected did not seek coverage from the group's warning system.

The last tsunami to impact this region was in 1882. Hopefully these governments will request inclusion in the PTWC warning system to prevent future disasters.

The response of the world's nations to the survivors this natural disaster has been overwhelming. If only the world would response to the man-made disasters of unjustified wars of destruction

Man-Made Disaster

The person depicted in the following picture has been responsible for the deaths of more than 15,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. The basis for destroying the sovereign nation of Iraq was based ion lies. The Iraqi freedom fighters are called "insurgents" whereas the destroyers are called "liberators". George Orwell was right..."Thinkspeak" has replaced the true meaning of words and "Amerika's Chief Village Idiot" has the lowest IQ, 91,of any U.S. president. (see [POGO NEWS] 2004-09-02 Stupid Is as Stupid Does . . Forrest Gump)

What is the world's response to this unjustified aggression.?...Nothing!

The above photo obviously is saluting all the idiots that put this fool in office for four more years!

Puck was right ("Midsummer's Dream by William Shakespeare")

"Oh what fools these mortals be"

Before the tsunami struck the animals in a national wildlife refuge sensed the impending disaster.

"Dumb" animals? Hell no. only dumb people!

Amerikans should heed the statement "Support our Troops" on magnets attached to their gas guzzling SUV's by demanding that this government admit defeat, apologize to the Iraqi people and get the hell out of Iraq before we're thrown out.

Where is the UN, the U.S. Congress and the many humanitarian organizations that have responded to a natural disaster and ignored this man-made one?

Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., VOSI Chairman (a.k.a. Pogo) 
P.O.G.O. - Policing Our Government Officials
Voices of Safety International

Why There Was No Warning
Wall Street Journal (12/29/04) P. A8; Synolakis, Costas

The tsunamis that devastated parts of Asia and Africa on Dec. 26 have some asking why those nations were not warned after a powerful suboceanic earthquake off Sumatra's coast triggered the events that eventually led to the deaths of tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC), established in Hawaii after a 1946 Alaska tsunami killed 173 people there, now includes 26 member nations organized as the International Coordination Group for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific under the aegis of UNESCO. Its task is to ensure that tsunami watches, warnings, and advisory bulletins are broadcast to its member states and membership is free but requires a petition for the service and the identification of local disaster management officials capable of acting in the event of a warning. The group uses an instrument that measures deep sea tsunamis on the ocean floor; data that is then transmitted to scientists on the surface who use the information to develop numeric tsunami models covering the inner workings of the phenomena. Following the Dec. 26 quake, the PTWC issued a bulletin that said there was no danger for the Pacific nations under its umbrella, but the message did not get to the Indian ocean countries in South and Southeast Asia or Africa, which were later hit by tsunamis, because they did not seek coverage from the group's warning system. In defense of the governments affected, the last transoceanic tsunami that impacted the region was back in 1882, and local officials probably did not think they needed the PTWC's services. (http://online.wsj.com/article_print/0,,SB110428256566211695,00.html)

Update: 01/14/2005