Pogo News 4/28/2005

"Domestic Terrorists Wanted for Autism Awareness"

Pogo News 4/28/2005: "Domestic Terrorists Wanted for Autism Awareness"

April is National Autism Awareness Month.

The parents of autistic children believe,  and VOSI research has proved ,that vaccinations are the major cause of autism.

The Centers for Disease Control, CDC, through its National Immunization Program, has declared the last week of April, National Infant Immunization Week and its motto: "Love them. Protect them. Immunize them. Vaccination: an Act of Love"  does not address the devastation that vaccines have caused to autistic children.

Citizens should not be surprised that the truth is ignored by a government whose policies are based on corporate profit rather than concern for its citizens.

Please review the following "Facts for Autism Awareness" and the VOSI autism research reports and standards.

VOSI would appreciate hearing from anyone willing to challenge the government in order to have the VOSI autism standards reviewed.

Facts for Autism Awareness

Voices of Safety International (VOSI) is a private sector standards writing organization recognized by the National Institute of Standards & Technology. We have Internet based standards for "Health", "Safety" , the "Environment" and "Slip/Fall Standards" based on the needs of people rather than special interest groups. The following facts for autism awareness can be reviewed at www.voicesofsafety.com ."Public Health". The three autism "Research Reports" and associated "Standards" are summarized:

  1. Autism spectrum disorder, according to the Center for Disease Control, affects 1 in approximately 150 school age children. This is an epidemic.
  2. The % contribution of mercury (Thimerosal) preservative in vaccines, genetics and the triple vaccines, DPT and MMR, is 18, 20 and 62% respectively.
  3. The strength of the immune system, IgE, of newborns should be screened based on approximately 5% having excessive IgE , before they receive the HepB vaccine.
  4. The National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act (NTTAA) of 1995 requires that every level of government review and utilize applicable private sector standards.
  5. Based on the unwillingness of all levels of government to enforce the NTTAA, VOSI suggests that citizens band together to intimidate and coerce public officials (see note) in order to protect our children from government abuse..

My efforts to stop the autism epidemic are dedicated to my son, Alan, who became autistic after receiving the DPT triple vaccine in 1967.

Note: I am a domestic terrorist based on section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act because my efforts are "intended to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion" .

As a domestic terrorist I am asking other activists to join my revolution to establish a democratic government , rather than the present demockery, (www.voicesofsafety,com "About VOSI") and join VOSI by contacting dcmeserlian@voicesofsafety.com .

Donald C. Meserlian, PE - Chairman
Voices of Safety International (VOSI)

Update: 04/28/2005