Pogo News 11/4/2005

"Here's Idiot  George!,.....Where are the Men in the Yellow Hats ?"

Pogo News 11/4/2005: Here's Idiot  George!,.....Where are the Men in the Yellow Hats ?

See Idiot George run!... From responsibility to "We the People" towards Irresponsible  Domestic & Multinational Corporations and the Military powers of this fascist empire!

The following editorial from "The Progressive", November 05, "A Desolate America", by Matthew Rothchild accurately describes "Amerika's Chief Village Idiot"

"See George!"

"See George mess up!"

"See George Run!"

"See George hide!"

"See George get Embarrassed!"

"See George finally take responsibility...But it was all a little late."

This issue of "The Progressive" , including this editorial, was dedicated to explaining the Katrina hurricane disaster in New Orleans and exposed the incompetence of the president, Homeland Security, FEMA and the actions of our military against the people of New Orleans.


"Idiot George" is controlled by many "men in the yellow hats". A few of the  "men in the yellow hats " that are missing are Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and  the powerful special interest groups in the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial corporations that are destroying the environment; such as the coal mining industry that is destroying Appalachia by using "Mountain Top Removal" (MTR) to mine coal by blasting away the tops of mountains to scoop out coal without using miners working in tunnels. ....The debris fills in valleys and streams and is destroying the environment and  the lives of people who live in Appalachia. (Ref. "The Lowdown", Jim Hightower Nov. 2005, "Our Oldest Mountains are Being Blown Away" )

The pharmaceutical , medical and synthetic (genetic engineered food) industries are destroying the  health of Americans,. Failure of governments to maintain the infrastructure, such as the New Orleans levees and Corp of Army Engineered designed flood walls, that failed during the Katrina hurricane, are jeopardizing the safety of Americans.

Where are government leaders?...In bed with these nefarious special interest groups.

Where is Congress?...Either sleeping and/or in bed with the nefarious special interest groups.

The solution...Overthrow the U.S. government based on capitalism and substitute one based on Humanistic Capitalism.

When will this revolution begin?...NOW .... A VOSI Autism Research Task Group (ARTG) has been established that included  a local town councilman assigned as a liaison member to this specially formed task group to enforce the National Technology Transfer & Advancement Act of 1995 (NTTAA) that requires every level of government to review and utilize private sector standards.

"Pogo" is using a federal law to overthrow the federal government!

Pogo is asking fellow Americans to join this revolution by having their local governments endorse the following "Proclamation" based on the results of the ARTG found on the following link...Proclamations for Autism Awareness.

Americans must become activists to take back their government from this fascist government led by the "Supreme Head of International Tyranny" (SH*T)...see "Pogo News.....) ([POGO NEWS] 2005-02-11 Don't Follow the Supreme Head of International Tyranny).


Idiot  George Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat
Idiot  George Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat

Donald C. Meserlian, PE - Chairman
Voices of Safety International (VOSI)