[POGO NEWS] 2006-05-01:
"Look Up ! . . . Look Down ! . . . Look Under! . . .
Look to Arrest & Impeach"


1a. Plane prior to and beginning of missile ignition

1b. Missile & plane impact

1c. Missile impact, approx. 8í foot prior to plane impact


Note explosive squibs below plane impact and area of fire. Horizontal squibs prove the evidence of pre-planted explosives.


Evidence that explosives (such as thermite) were set in the basement which explains the molten steel extracted from beneath the rubble.

If the official version were true, that fires in the impact area caused the buildings to fall, there would be no evidence of molten steel extracted from beneath the rubble of the basement area world trade towers.


"Alfred E." Bush, MAD Man/Terrorist)

(Alfred E. Neuman, MAD Magazine)

"Alfred E." Bush, reading to 2nd grade peers (http://proliberty.com/observer/20041203.htm

The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11, p.16 states:

After claiming to have seen the first WTC crash and after being informed that a second plane had struck the first tower's twin, President Bush did the strangest thing for a nation under attack, he continued reading "My Pet Goat" to a classroom of second graders.

A person is only surprised by a catastrophic event if they are not aware of the event.
The complacent composure of the President is evidence that he was aware of the world trade center conspiracy before it happened.

Based on POGOís belief that partisan politics within the US congress will prevent impeachment of the President, POGO believes the only practical approach to obtaining justice for the truth that happened on 9-11-01 is a citizenís arrest in Washington DC, the official home of the president while he is in office.

The following quotation from the conclusion of Alex Jones prison planet (http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_lavello_050503_bombs.html)"Bombs in the Building: World Trade Center 'Conspiracy Theory' is a Conspiracy Fact By Randy Lavello" is in agreement with POGO's photographic proof that 9-11-01 was "made in the USA": 

"There is overwhelming evidence to support the findings that these alleged Arab terrorists were merely scapegoats used to advance the World Government agenda. During the attacks, ĎPresidentí George Jr. was reading a book with school children about goats! (Scapegoats?) Arab terrorists did not carry out these attacks which were detrimental to the Muslim world. 

All evidence points to elements inside, high atop the governments of Israel and the United States. Those wishing to implement their world government through their control over finance, media and militaries are guilty of these most heinous crimes. This atrocity is proving to advance the domestic police state agendas and consolidate the Middle Eastís oil reserves. The people who most benefited from these attacks are the wealthiest, most privileged and powerful men on earth who feel they will finally be able to hold dominion over the nations of the world through their New World Order. For some of these globalists, these attacks were merely a means to an end - a huge step toward ruling a world socialist system. But for others, likely the planners of such a vile crime, this was a mass sacrifice to themselves. This mass ritual sacrifice of the vulnerable and the heroes who tried to save them was perpetrated by power crazed freaks who are simply - satanic."

The 9-11 lies by FEMA, NIST and the 9-11 commission is the basis for Voices of Safety International support of the Union of Concerned Scientists Scientific Integrity Program (see VOSI support of UCS). 

The need for integrity in Government is summarized in VOSIís support of the efforts of the Union of Concerned Scientists that require scientific integrity within all government departments.

POGO's research has been validated in the following link by Dylan Avery, www.loosechange911.com  which should  be purchased and viewed by people worldwide. Those unwilling to financially support Dylan Avery can view the video at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848

 We now have proof that Amerika's government is based on lies and no nation should trust this government, whether friend or foe.

 "In God We Trust", on U.S. coins, is the greatest lie. I'm sure God would never trust a nation of liars. God would probably  damn rather that bless any nation that is destroying his creation:, planet earth.

 Don't ever trust any political representative of Amerika's government ,at any level:... federal, state or local. They all must be continually monitored by the American people if this nation is to survive.

This concludes POGO'S efforts to bring out the truth of what really occurred on 9-11. Please review all links contained herein which are the basis for this edition of POGO NEWS, including previous POGO NEWS articles on 9-11(see POGO 9-11 News Releases)