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[POGO NEWS] 2007-03-01: "The Yellow Ruse of Texas!...Hi! Gov'na"

As a musician Pogo has played "The Yellow Rose of Texas" many times whenever a little Hee Haw music was required!
The yellow Ruse (governor)  of Texas, hiding behind his ties to murky Merk, and his criminal mandatory vaccine policy is no joke. 
It's time for citizens to start telling their government leaders to go to hell and throw out the bums.

HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny (comic)

The mandatory vaccine caused autism epidemic of 1 in 150 nationwide and 1 in 94 N.J. school age children (CDC's latest figures) should alarm enough people and make them mad enough to finally demand accountability and responsibility by our corporate controlled government officials.
See VOSI "Public Health" Page to learn the truth that 80% of the autism epidemic is caused by vaccinations and only 20% genetics. The biased, pharmaceutical corporation controlled government research has emphasized genetics in order to cover up the major cause.
Listen to the on-line radio interview of Voices of Safety International chairman, Donald Meserlian, P.E. (aka "Pogo") discussing VOSI's research on autism and his last statement: " Don't believe anything our government liars tell you"!
See the truth on what caused the 9/11/01 collapse of the twin towers: pre-planted explosives, not burning jet fuel, on POGO's 9/11 articles based on forensic engineering, not government cover-up. This proves the war on terror is a fabricated non-war and the real terrorists are the bastards within our own government.
Hopefully the 9/11 Truth Movement will find the real terrorists responsible for 9/11 and it's official government cover-up. Usually those guilty of committing a crime are the responsible parties.
The 9/11 Truth Movement must be based on efforts by the sovereign states since the federal government seems to be our enemy based on the "Official" 9/11 (Omission) Commission Report.
The co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean, made the following admission of government lies when he stated:
"We, to this day, don't know why NORAD (The North American Aerospace Command) told us what they told us"...."It was so far from the truth....It's one of those loose ends that never got tied."
POGO's 9/11  articles have tied up those many loose ends. We must now tie up the bastards within our own government.


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